Dealership Start Package

Everything required to get your dealership up and running making standard oblong and shortened oblong number plates inhouse. As with most of our products you need to be registered with the DVLA as a number plate supplier to purchase.


Market leading software installed on your own PC running windows 7 or 10. For further information and a rundown of functionality visit our software page.

Thermal Printer

Our best ‘all round’ printer for standard oblong and shortened oblong number plates. Unlike most printers used to print number plates this printer is specifically made for the job. This printer delivers high quality prints and uses low cost consumables.

Assembly Board

High quality rugged assembly board that's easy to use and helps deliver quality results.

50 Blank Number Plates

Supplied with 50 blank number plates. 25 Rear and 25 Front.

Oversize Number Plates

Included with this package is unlimited access to our online portal. The portal can be used to order number plates of all sizes like Motorcycle, Import and Range Rover Oversize. Also road legal 4D number plates are available.

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